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Pet collars and harnesses 2023  

Although cat walking is a relatively new concept, the market has quickly adapted and now offers a variety of harnesses. Cats can use almost all dog harnesses that are designed for small dogs. Some may not work as well.

Over the last four years, I have tested and reviewed over 10 cat harnesses. I now have two favorites, and they are the only ones I use at the moment. The best harness is what I use every day, followed by the minimum in certain situations. Continue reading to learn more.

cat t harness
cat  harness

Best overall:  Pets Moto Control Harness 
Best minimal harness:  Pets Primary Kitten Harness

Cat Harness for 2023

I think the  Pets Moto Control harness (size XS), is the best. This was made for dogs but it also works well for cats. RC Pets makes a similar Adventure Kitty Harness. However, the Moto Harness is more comfortable than the cat version, according to my experience.

Chest Piece

 Mega Mall City  Pets Moto Control Harness  

The chest piece is the most important part of the harness. It distributes the pulling force from the leash and keeps it off the cat’s neck which is more delicate than that of a dog. Because cats have thin necks, a harness and a leash is the best choice. A large chest piece, rather than the strappy H-harnesses, will help to keep cats’ necks safe. Although H Harnesses can be useful for harness training (more on that later), they are not recommended for general use.

You might think that many harnesses have a chestpiece. This Moto Harness is a great fit for cats. It is thin enough to not cut into the cat’s armpits and slightly curved at the neck so that it doesn’t cut into the cat’s necks. These two factors are the reason I don’t like the RC Pet Adventure Kitty Harness.

Back Straps

Best cat harness
Best cat harness
Cat Harness – back straps  

Let’s now look at the back of this harness. The harness’s back is the most important part. I find that a harness that covers too much of my cat’s back can cause him to slouch while walking. This harness only has one strap. The buckles on the buckles at either end of the underarm straps can be seen. The buckles are on the cat’s side, as their bodies are flatter. Comparable to the RC Pets Adventure Kitty harness. The buckles are closer to the cat’s chest.

This harness has a second loop on the back that acts as a handle. This loop is very useful in attaching the harness to the seatbelt using a large carabiner. It may not fit in smaller rings that are used for leashes. I can also hold the harness with the handle strap for greater control over the cat. This has proven very helpful many times.

 It is very useful to have two points for leash attachments, especially in winter when the jacket’s leash hole may not be in a convenient place. I prefer to use the upper ring as his ID tag and the lower for his leash. The lower ring allows for pulling to be applied to his chest, not his neck.

Best Minimal Harness: Pets Primary Kitty Harness

The Mega Mall city  Pets Primary Cat Harness (Size m) is a great choice for a minimal harness. Many H harnesses are similar and should work in the same way. This is the reason I recommend this H harness. I don’t own any of these. For situations like going to the vet, long car rides or visiting a friend’s house, a more minimal harness can be useful. You may need something more comfortable for these situations. However, the cat can be leashed if necessary.

A minimal harness can also be used for harness training. A harness that is not too tight on the skin of cats will make them more comfortable.

 Primary Kitty Harness

The H-style harness has two loops at the neck, chest and back. A second strap runs along the cat’s spine. This harness is not suitable for cats that pull on the leash. In fact, it will choke your cat’s neck and cause injury. I believe this harness is marginally more effective than a collar when it comes to the force that is applied to your cat’s neck. I never pull too hard on the leash when using this harness.

A H harness is useful gear, even though it’s not practical for all cat adventures. A H harness is a backup harness that I keep in my car. It doesn’t take up much room.

Overall Thoughts

These are my top two favorite cat harnesses. But every cat is unique. They may not work best for Teddy but they might be best for your cat. You should try several styles to find the one that you love.

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